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Image: Our Solution has delivered over £1 billion of sales in 170 countries

Our Solution has delivered over £1 billion of sales in 170 countries

The power of our solution is founded on the integration of an enterprise class platform, built for international growth,
with digital marketing expertise.

The International Retail Platform (IRP)

The IRP solution addresses the four top issues faced by online businesses:

The IRP solution address these issues in one comprehensive system:

This powerful combination of elements in the IRP solution provides all companies with world-class enterprise capabilities.

Image: How will the IRP help you combine your channels?

How will the IRP help you combine your channels?

The IRP can connect the digital and physical touch points with your customers,
allowing your various sales channels such as web, stock control, phone
and mobile to integrate together in real time.

A world class eCommerce website equipped with all the functions, features, and integrations required to create a successful online business. This includes everything from inventory management, order processing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and advanced reporting to a full range of sales & marketing tools. The IRP supports multiple languages, currencies and tax calculations for true international expansion.
Customers will research and shop through multiple devices. The IRP is mobile ready and offers you a 'switch on and go' integrated mobile site. The web & mobile sites offer full exposure across desktop computers, smart phones, tablets and smart TVs. Your business will be easily reached through all internet enabled devices - the IRP combines these channels seamlessly.
An easy to use feature switch enables your call centre to quickly process phone orders with the option to take over a customer's basket mid order at the touch of a button. All order information and customer details are instantly included within your IRP fulfillment system - this integration removes any unnecessary time that may be wasted uploading or updating stock and order information after the sale.
The IRP includes a fully integrated EPOS system that allows you to deploy multiple tills across multiple locations. The ability to manage stock and customers allows the EPOS system to save time and costs, thus impacting on the bottom line. Pricing can be varied by location and vouchers and loyalty schemes can be unified across all store and online channels. The software is powerful, yet simple enough for staff to learn and use efficiently.
EPOS & Till
A feature rich stock control system delivers benefits to your business. This includes ensuring you stock the items your customers need, increasing your stock accuracy and helping you deliver goods on time. Bring all your sales channels together into one efficient, cost effective central stock database.
Stock Control
The IRP comes equipped with a B2B module suitable for all wholesaler, distributor, reseller and manufacturer requirements. This includes multiple customer accounts and pricing all on the same platform as well as volume purchasing & pricing options. The IRP offers business software for business intelligence across all levels of the supply chain.
On top of all Web, Mobile, Telesales, EPOS and B2B channels, the IRP comes primed with a full package of sales features and tools allowing for advanced email marketing as well as exposure on search engines, affiliate networks, shopping comparison sites, marketplaces and social networks.
Multichannel Marketing
Image:Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Export Technologies’ ACQUIRE, CONVERT, RETAIN methodology represents best practice developed over more than a decade. Our input is not only centred on the provision of services but, more importantly, on the decision-making and timing that underlies their application.

As part of our solution Export Technologies provides expert consultancy on digital market strategy including:

Unlike other platform providers, our performance-based model creates an absolute alignment with our customers, an unrelenting focus on revenue generation, and the incentive to sustain growth over time.