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How Export Technologies Transacted more than £1 billion in Online Sales

How Export Technologies Transacted more than £1 billion in Online Sales
By Export Technologies - 23 June 2017

The online arena, unlike many other selling channels gives retailers the opportunity to increase sales significantly. It can be from £100K to £1 million, or even from £1 million to £10 million – providing all the formula for success is in place.

One company who is proving this is possible, is ecommerce performance consultancy, Export Technologies. Based in Belfast’s technology and business park, Catalyst Inc. and with offices in London, it has transacted more than £1 billion in online sales for leading UK and Irish retailers, distributors and manufacturers, in a range of industry sectors.

he main reason for its success is due to its use of the IRP ecommerce platform, which is a bespoke product, built with a suite of sales, marketing, security and international capabilities in mind. The platform, combined with Export’s digital marketing experience, has helped facilitate online transactions in 180 countries and in eight languages.

Many companies choose Export if they have outgrown their current platform provider or if they want international growth or a more integrated approach to their ecommerce solution. Migrating to the IRP platform gives companies the chance to share the full benefits of working with a Platform As A Service (PAAS) company, including high level PCI Level 1-Compliant Hosting. It also offers them the potential to further elevate their revenues, outperform their competition and maximise their opportunities for success –in some instances from day one.

One of the company’s current success stories is jewellery brand, Argento. Northern Irish entrepreneur, Pete Boyle began selling from a stall in Belfast city centre and it was when Argento went online in 2009 and started selling internationally on the IRP platform that sales started to increase significantly. Argento now has 50+ stores across the UK and Ireland, employs around 500 people and exports to 92 countries.

Focusing on non-traditional markets in Asia such as China and Hong Kong, Argento has seen monthly sales increase in some instances by 1,900 per cent - based on the same period the previous year. The Far East is a key market for Argento and sales this year in Hong Kong, Japan and Macau are set to soar.

Where previously word of mouth and recommendation informed purchasing decisions for Argento, the data analytics on the IRP platform are used to accurately predict trends, inform purchasing decisions and to identify marketing opportunities. These analytics allow Argento stay ahead of trends, be proactive not reactive and to maximise revenue through different marketing channels. In addition, the Export team has been able to facilitate further growth in international markets by researching and implementing international retail strategies.

Another retail client that has been able to compete globally thanks to the IRP platform, is pet grooming business, Christies Direct based in Ballymoney, County Antrim. Before moving to the IRP, the site was performing below average for its industry. Now is the leading website in the industry and the third largest pet grooming site in the world.

This stellar sales growth has been helped by the potential created on the IRP platform and the on-going client management support from Export’s team.

Company owner, Colin Christie said “We noticed a big difference in traffic figures almost from day one — it was like a light switch on effect. Business has continually grown in the five years since the company has been working with Export Technologies. Christies Direct now exports to more than 30 countries worldwide and the IRP and Export Technologies has been a major factor in this achievement.”

Christies Direct online sales have increased overall by 30% in the last 12 months, mainly because the company being very targeted at marketing directly to European countries before the Brexit result was announced.

The company uses the international features within the IRP platform to create bespoke “country specific” campaigns, translate them into specific languages using Export’s in-house translation team and promote them to shoppers in their own language. With the continuing uncertainty around Brexit,, has been able to shift focus onto other international markets including the US and Australia and target these countries with localised messaging through the IRP ecommerce platform.

Another well-known client to recently work with Export and migrate to the IRP is global beauty distributor, TAM Beauty, based in Kent. This global player distributes its own brands to over 50 countries as well as selling its own range of products, Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup London, I Heart Makeup and DGJ Organics.

The reasons why TAM chose to work with Export Technologies was due to its international capabilities of the IRP, as well as its ability to manage multiple sites and multiple markets from one central source.

Argento, Christies Direct and TAM are good examples of companies that have an unrelenting drive to achieve a top level of growth. Although not all companies will have this, the formula for online success will always hold true - when the right company, combines with the right technology in the right market – the results are still all but guaranteed.

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