DV8 Fashion

"on trend branded fashion for men and women"

Established in 1994, DV8 is a fashion company with over 40 High street stores. Its highly secure website stocks over 100 men’s, women’s and now boys clothing and footwear brands including Jack Wills, Superdry, 11 Degrees, New Balance and GUESS.

Traditionally with a customer base predominately from the UK and Ireland,
since moving to the IRP ecommerce platform the company is able to sell internationally and thanks to the platform’s in-built tracking and insights, DV8 can dig deeper to find out which are the top-selling brands in which country.

Since moving in 2018, DV8 has gained a lot of support from Export through its
use of consultancy services and the IRP platform. The Export team listened to
DV8’s needs, clarified ways of working, created easy tasks in areas they needed
support in and delivered successfully on their business goals.

Export’s expertise working across a range of ecommerce brands has been invaluable to DV8 by sharing insights, smarter ways of working, hints and tips and what is working well for other major fashion brands.

Regularly communicating with Export’s Account Manager through phone calls
and meetings has meant he is like an extra member of the DV8 team, one that
gives honest feedback to help improve sales and customer engagement. His
advice on creating specific marketing campaigns around key dates, segmenting
customers to ensure they get information relevant to them and always thinking ahead to what’s coming next, has increased sales year-on-year and helped DV8 create a focused sales strategy going forward.

The IRP platform and IRP App is also proving useful by highlighting best-selling brands, top selling countries and techniques of capitalising on these insights through the platform and tailored graphics and bespoke landing pages on DV8’s own ecommerce site.